The Strong-Arm Alchemist

I see, said the blind Alchemist || dontcallme-little 


Edward let out a small, strangled cry as Armstrong clung to him tighter, and he squirmed, trying to get out of the embrace. Being blind had disadvantaged him far more than he’d been expecting. He was used to living relatively handicapped, but this was a whole new level, and it was taking him far too long to adjust.

He winced as Armstrong boomed, struggling. Edward’s hearing had become far more acute since the loss of his sight, and he was left wondering if the Major had always been that loud. He appreciated the man’s… enthusiasm, but enough was enough. 

‘You can let me go now-’ Edward grumbled.

It took Alex a moment to truly register Edward’s discomfort with the embrace.  If the situation had been one less severe, the Major would have clung to his sensitive nature and also clung to the Fullmetal Alchemist for a while longer.  But that was not the case at the moment.

With great reluctance and a surprisingly gentle approach, Armstrong placed Edward down, his cheeks strained with sympathetic tears.  “I am truly sorry to hear of this,” The Major continued, his voice just barely holding together.  “Alphonse… will be greatly missed.”