The Strong-Arm Alchemist

Major Miles: The faithful Ishvalan 


Whilst not personally close to Miles, Alex is aware of the bond between him and his eldest sister, Olivier.  He respects their relationship - whether it is simply platonic or something more - and recognises that his sister has the utmost confidence in Miles.

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Roy Mustang: The Hero of Ishval 


The Flame Alchemist, well known for his devastating alchemy, is on good terms with the Strong-Arm Alchemist.  Despite their contrasting actions in the Ishval Civil War, the pair are rather close allies, and often work together in assignments - whether assigned together or not.

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Samantha Thomas: That attractive mechanic 


If Alex was entirely honest with himself, he felt a sort of pull towards Miss Thomas.  Regardless of that, he finds her very interesting as well as amusing, and enjoys to spend time with her.

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Katherine Elle Armstrong: The youngest sibling  


The youngest sibling of the Armstrong family, Alex is highly protective of her.  The two share a naturally close bond, strenghtened by their equally sensitive natures.

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Olivier Mira Armstrong: General of Fort Briggs 


His eldest sister, Alex looks up to and respects Olivier.  He is well accustomed to her ‘tough love’, and knows that underneath her rough exterior, she does care for him.

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